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    Rick Neal

    For those that haven't discovered this, if you import these PDF's into photoshop, you can remove the text layer and create your own Poster Text.

    The Text is similar to Georgia Font.

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    Brian Anderson

    Hi Rick, When I open with PDF I only see one layer, so I can't edit the text. Am I missing a step? 

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    Rick Neal

    Here's is what I have done:

    I noticed that when you open a PDF in Photoshop, you get a choice to select either Pages or Images to import, so for quick jobs I just import Pages and draw a white box over the text and add my own.

    Other times I import the Image wich gives me the background photo with no text at all. Then I add text and graphics that fit the client including their logos, etc.

    I don't see more than one layer but using the Import PDF box I get to choose the background photo or everything.


    I should have been clearer...

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    Masis Sarkisian

    Do I need to use Photoshop? I tried editing with pdf editor and also used gimp, all I see is the one page which has the text and images together. I cannot remove or change the text.

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